house on mt anville

House on Mount Anville

Brick Type: Birtley Old English Buff Architect: Max O’Flaherty Contractor: Alasondo

ibstockHouse on Mount Anville

St Catherine’s Foyer, Dublin

Brick Type: Ravenhead Red Smooth Architect: Brady Mahalieu Architects Contractor: Bowen Construction

ibstockSt Catherine’s Foyer, Dublin
Hedge House

Hedge House

Brick Type: Engobe White Brick Architect: GKMP Architects Contractor: Buildpol

ibstockHedge House
Rathmines Leisure Centre

Rathmines Leisure Centre

Brick Type: West Hoatley Medium Multi Architect: Donnelly Turpin Architects Contractor: John Paul

ibstockRathmines Leisure Centre
House 1 + 2 Donnybrook

House 1 + 2, Donnybrook

Brick Type: Birtley Old Buff Architect: Taka Architects

ibstockHouse 1 + 2, Donnybrook
Lyric Theatre Belfast

Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Brick Type: Heritage Red Blend Architect: O’Donnell + Tuomey

ibstockLyric Theatre, Belfast
Brick House, Dalkey Avenue

Brick House Dalkey

Brick type: Ivanhoe Cream, Cooksbridge Yellow Architect: de Blacam & Meagher Contractor: Principal Construction Overlooking the city and the sea, this unique house is built on a steeply sloping site that backs onto the granite quarry used to build the harbours of Dublin Bay below. A mix of buff and burnt sienna colour bricks are used throughout the property, characterised …

ibstockBrick House Dalkey
Clontarf Apartments

Clontarf Apartments

Brick type: Throckley Smooth Buff Contractor: MKN Construction

ibstockClontarf Apartments