Heritage Red Blend Terenure Gate

Terenure Gate

Brick Type: Heritage Red Blend Architect: O’Mahony Pike Architects Contractor: Cage Construction

IBStockTerenure Gate

Ash House

Brick Type: Birtley Old English Buff Architect: Sketch Architects

IBStockAsh House
Birtley Olde English Buff Percy-Place-5

Percy Place

Brick Type: Birtley Old English Buff Architect: ODOS Architects Contractor: M & P Construction

IBStockPercy Place

Dalriada, Knocklyon

Brick Types: Minster Beckstone Mixture Contractor: Winterbrook Homes

IBStockDalriada, Knocklyon

Honeypark, Dún Laoghaire

Brick Types: Bradgate Multi Cream, West Hoathly Sharpthorne Mixture, Engobe White,and the Throckley Stuart Buff Contractor: Cosgrave

IBStockHoneypark, Dún Laoghaire

Belarmine Woods, Stepaside

Brick Type: Castlethorn Contractor: O’Malley Construction

IBStockBelarmine Woods, Stepaside

Ardilea Cresent, Clonskeagh

Brick Type: Bradgate Multi Cream Contractor: O’Malley Construction

IBStockArdilea Cresent, Clonskeagh

Hollywood Rath , Hollystown

Brick Type: Chailey Stock and Bradgate Multi Cream Contractor: MDY Construction

IBStockHollywood Rath , Hollystown

Seagreen, Greystones

Brick Types: Bradgate Multi Cream, West Hoathly Medium Multi Contractor: Wood Group Homes

IBStockSeagreen, Greystones
Rokeby Park

Rokeby Park, Lucan

Brick Type: Ivanhoe Cream Contractor: O’Flynn Construction

IBStockRokeby Park, Lucan