Special Bricks

special brickAt Ibstock we view Special Shaped Bricks as the unique design elements to knit brickwork together. They provide architects and designers with the freedom to create distinctive buildings, providing limitless design solutions in clay masonry.

Ibstock-Kevington is the UKs largest brickwork special shape fabrication company offering nationwide coverage of special shaped bricks and building components. With modern and efficient factories, Ibstock Kevington, supported by an experienced technical and design team, is able to supply products quickly and cost effectively.

The Ibstock-Kevington Specials section illustrates the most popular British Standard and Ibstock Special Shaped Bricks which are used by our customers. These are arranged in the brochure in alphabetical order and by special type.

The individual sections provide drawings and dimensional tables in the standard size options. All the fair faces of the specials are shown as shaded areas. Special shapes maybe frogged, perforated or solid. Perforation patterns may vary for any particular special shape

View the Special Shaped Bricks Brochure here.

IBStockSpecial Bricks