fastwall componentsFastwall is an innovative weather resistant way to clad, infill, or build a wall with real brick slips at incredible speed and efficiency. Fastwall can be supplied in virtually any brick type to replicate traditional brickwork perfectly

Where to use Fastwall

The system is ideal for either exterior or interior applications. It has been successfully used on a wide range of projects including; shop fit-outs where Fastwall’s ready availability (typically 7 to 10 days) and rapid construction was highly prized to minimise the loss of trading, to the refurbishment of pedestrian underpasses where it’s high strength and durability was an essential element.

Use Fastwall for:

  • gable staggers
  • over cladding of existing walls
  • lightweight framing

Fastwall Performance

Fastwall is a precision engineered composite of 20mm thick brick slips bonded to a patented backing and featuring a unique interlocking system. For example, the standard Taban panel
covers 0.66 m2 and weighs just 24kg. Lightweight makes Fastwall easy to installon site.

In addition to on site advice, a complete scheduling and take-off service is available, as well as numbered panel kits with corresponding site drawings to ensure that even the most complex installation is hassle free!

Fastwall holds full third party performance accreditation by CERAM, the ceramic industry test centre.

For full sales and technical advice please contact Niall MacCarvill at